What is Matchingfreak?

Matchingfreak is here to show that it is possible to wear many different combinations of outfits without going to great lengths.

I don't wear the same outfit twice. I don't claim to be unique, fashionable, or a trendsetter. The purpose of the site is to document and inspire. I like looking at the pictures. You might like looking at them, too. You might even have some new ideas for your own outfits.

The second purpose of this site is for me to learn about php/MySQL.

Check out the video I made about Matchingfreak:

How did Matchingfreak get started?

I don't remember how long ago I decided never to wear the same outfit twice. One day in 2003, I liked an outfit I'd worn, but lamented that nobody would ever see it again. So, I took a picture -- that's how it all got started.

I have been documenting my outfits on and off ever since then. There had been periods where I didn't take pictures for one or two years, but I would keep coming back to it. It eventually became an inescapable part of my life.

In 2008 I decided to build a database to organize the outfits in a more meaningful way and make it easier to navigate through them. The project has grown to the Matchingfreak that you see today.

Who takes the pictures?

I do. I use the timer on my camera. Some days it takes me a long time to get the pictures right. A few pictures here and there were taken by friends.

Do you really take pictures every day?

No, I take them whenever I think my outfit is worth documenting. I update once a week on Mondays.

What constitutes an outfit? If you wear the same clothes but change the jewelry, does it count?

No. A different outfit is a combination of the major pieces (pants/skirt, shirt, sweater/cardigan).

You must have a lot of clothes. or You must shop a lot.

When I buy clothes, I look for things that are versatile and can be layered with a lot of different things. I am also not too willing to part with my older clothes, so they just accumulate, allowing for more combinations. You can tell when I'm running out of clothes when I start resorting to weird color combinations.

I only go shopping 2-3 times a year. I don't follow trends too closely. I just get whatever I think looks nice.

How do your clothes fit in your closet?

Very tightly.

How do you find time to take pictures in the morning?

Silly! I take them when I come home in the evenings.

How long does it take you to put an outfit together?

Anywhere from two minutes to an hour.

You should write a computer program that creates the outfits and/or edits the pictures.

That would be cool, but would somewhat defeat the purpose. I look upon matchingfreak as a form of art. I enjoy coming up with the combinations myself. It also takes the human touch to choose the best set of 4 pictures out of my daily photoshoot, edit, and color correct. I am not letting a computer take that enjoyment from me!

Work in progress

Features I want to add to this website:
- Mobile-friendly version
- Photography attribution for pictures not taken by me
- Figure out how to make the search page work in IE
- Add statistics on which color I tend to wear more on certain days of the week
Any other suggestions?